Sunday, August 15, 2010

Masai Weekend

So this weekend was beyond amazing! It was the type of amazing that can't even put into words really so I'll just briefly sum up everything without going into to much detail

1) We stopped at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Great Rift Valley on the way from Nairobi to Masai Mara. Unbelievable view but got pestered by a million people aggressively trying to sell crap. It gets annoying to be bothered as soon as you step out of the combi everywhere you go. I might have been inclined to buy something had I been left alone.

2) We stayed at Keekorok Lodge in Masai and it was gorgeous! The drive there is not for individuals with a weak stomach though. It's almost all dirt road with huge pot holes and we were all pretty queasy by the time we arrived. Luckily there was a HUGE buffet lunch waiting for us when we got there.

3) The game drives were absolutely AMAZING! We saw at least one lion every time we went out. We saw a Leopard in a tree, a lion eating a zebra, a lion eating an unidentifiable carcass, lion cubs, 3 cheetah, 4 hyenas, buffalo, giraffe, elephants and basically anything you can think of. Unfortunately though, we only ever saw 1 warthog.

4) The wildebeest migration was unbelievably cool. You could literally see swarms of wildebeest off in the distance from pretty much any where. When you got up close, the combi was just surrounded by wildebeest, and when you looked around, there was no end in sight to the herd. A few zebras were chilling in the mix with them too.

5) 13 hours in a combi later, and we are finally home! It's late nad we have a lot to get done tomorrow so we're all very grumpy. That's probably why this post is as short and non-descriptive as it is. I'll try to post pictures eventually but internet is especially horrible these days.

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  1. Was there really a hippo pond by the lodge? I must go there! 13 hrs in a combi- ugh- hope you got some sleep. I know this week is busy, and we will be in touch. If you have questions, or just need to chat, email me and I will call.