Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

It's February! Exciting February events include: Groundhogs day, Chinese New year, AUS swim championships, Valentines Day (I plan on giving out awesome valentines to all my friends such as the one over there --->...it's a picture of Darwin!), reading week and family day. It's also apparently heart health month, national bird-feeding month, and black history month. So much crammed into the shortest month of the year!

It's February and 2011 so far has been challenging, but we're only a month in so there's lots of time to turn that around.

This past week I had to choose between 2 things that are both important to me. The first was the clinical internship placement I desperately wanted and had to apply for at a really big, hospital near home. The career opportunities this placement would provide are advantageous to those I might get by doing my placement at a smaller hospital elsewhere and I'd be exposed to a lot of cool awesome disorders, conditions and diseases since the facility is so large. The second was going back to Kenya for 3 weeks in May to finish up my research project and help out the new students. Due to scheduling issues there was no possible way I could have done both, which was devastating and resulted in 3 days of panic, tears, mind changing and over thinking. I ultimately chose Kenya, but after much deliberation and although I am happy with my decision, I'm still sad that I will be missing out on the incredible opportunity to intern at that particular hospital. I know that I will want to work right away as soon as I finish internship, so I decided that I should take advantage of the chance to travel while I can, I also really wanted to finish what we had started in Kenya and now I will be able to wrap up all the loose ends of the project and complete the program planning process with evaluative reports and the chance to see what impact we made and what we could have done to make a bigger impact. Plus we get to be involved in new research! Right now Farmers Helping Farmers is working with the schools and women's groups to grow orange sweet potatoes! I got an email about it today and am a litte embarrassed about how excited I was about it.

I have been a horrible blogger this year so far (and since September) but I'm going to try to blog more often. The last week has flown by! I went skiing with Alex, Big Al and Big Al's little brother this past Sunday at Wentworth to practice for our big fam jam reading week ski trip extravaganza at Tremblant. It was awesome and quite hilarious. I am the biggest spaz of life, particularly on skis, and if I survive Tremblant without breaking anything it'll be a miracle! I also got to see my grandparents, which is always awesome and got the Mary Kay (what alex has dubbed my car) back. I didn't get any pictures of us on the slopes because I wasn't nearly coordinated enough to ski and take pictures at the same time, plus we went to the night ski since it was cheap and it was way to cold to take my mitten off long enough to get a picture.

On the way to pick up Big Al and his brother we stopped at Masstown Market. I've been wanting to go there for a while because I've heard a lot about it, and I once had a honey crisp apple from there at my sister's place, that was the size of my head and quite possibly the best apple I have ever, and likely will ever, taste. I have also tried their blueberry bread after my mom stopped there and brought me some on one of her visits to the island this year. It was everything I hoped for and more! I could have spent a million dollars there! I had just spent a lot of groceries in PEI so I opted for some apples, prunes, frozen wild blueberries and some blueberry scones to share with everyone as a post ski treat. They were well worth the wipe-outs, the freezing cold chairlift rides and legs so sore I couldn't walk the next day!

We still have not caught the stupid mouse, aka Malcolm. I took everything off my shelf in the cupboard since he was eating it all, and set up a trap in place of my flax but so far he has eluded all attempts to catch him. On the bright side he hasn't seemed to have gotten into any of the food on the other shelves yet, which is good. But I think I'm going to lay the smack down pretty soon. I feel bad about it but I gotta show him who's boss of this house before he invites all his little friends to join him for an all you can eat buffet in the cupboard.

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