Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Field to Supermarket

Today's post is dedicated to food! I have stumbled upon two very different videos, but together they represent food from feild to grocery store shelves.

First, is Michael Smith's first episode of his new online series called Food Country. Profiling PEI at it's finest, he takes us into the fields of PEI farms and shows us how crops are grown. This particular episode is about carrots and broccoli with a pig roast thrown in there. I'm not sure if I'm the biggest fan of this series but it definitely made me want to eat some fresh farmers market veg that's in my fridge!

The second video is a preview of CNBC's Supermarket Inc - Secrets Revealed. If you youtube it, there are a whole bunch of clips from this series, including a look inside Wholefoods. It's mind blowing how much work goes into planning supermarkets specifically to make us buy more! I'd love to watch the whole series if I ever get the chance!

Video 1: Michael Smith's Food Country, webisode 1

Food Country: Episode 1: Brookfield Gardens from Food Country on Vimeo.

Video 2: Supermarket Inc - Secrets Revealed


  1. That Michael Smith video sure makes me want to visit PEI. It's so pretty!!

  2. And roast a pig. Or a big block of tofu. Mmmm... pig flavoured roasted tofu.