Sunday, February 27, 2011

KP's Ration Race

In 44 days, I will be dunzo with school and I will be moving off the island and back to Ontario. After being in this house for 2 years, I discovered today that I have accumulated a lot of frozen and dried goods in my cupboards and freezer. Since I hate wasting food and it would be less than convenient to bring it all home with me, I have decided to challenge myself to consume it all by inventing a super awesome competition for myself.

KP's Ration Race
The Rules:
1. Spend no more than 20$ per week on groceries
2. No more than 2 meals per week can be eaten from food obtained outside the house (restaurant, friends houses, potlucks etc)
3. The cupboard, fridge and freezer must be completely, 100% empty by April 13th - the sooner the better

I'm planning on spending the 20 bucks on fresh fruit and veg only and not buy any canned, frozen or preserved foods.

I'm not expecting this to be too hard; in my pantry currently you will find:
Canned tuna, canned soup, canned beans
Dried fruit and nuts and seeds
Root vegetables (squash, carrots, sweet potato, onion, garlic)
Frozen fruit, frozen peas, frozen spinach
Lentils, Rice, Oatmeal, quinoa
Fish, Pork Chops, Ground Beef, Chicken Breasts
Peanut Butter
Several frozen servings of each: beef stew, lentil soup, chicken pot pie
2 dozen eggs
A wide variety of spices and dried herbs (these wont be used up by april)

Plus I have some fresh fruit and veg such as kale, celery, apples, tomatoes, brocoli etc to last me a week or more until my first March grocery shop.

There is nothing spectacular about this challenge except that I LOVE grocery shopping. The hardest part will be not allowing myself to step foot into the grocery store. The other challenge will be finding creative ways to use the ingredients I have. I can totally see myself making the same couple of convenient dishes all the time just because they are easy and fast. I'm hoping that in the very least, it will force me to push my boundaries a bit in the kitchen!

Stay tuned for updates!

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