Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awesome Things

I have recently starting following the 1000 Awesome Things blog. Not hard core, but every couple of days I'll check out what new awesome things have been posted. In honor of this blog, below are some awesome things (from my perspective) that made me smile today.

#1: Laughing at other people's conversations
Sam and I were catching up over some Starbucks java and chatting away mindlessly about nothing and everything. Somehow we started ranting about school when I said that "the thought of doing school work right now makes me want to punch a baby". I know I know, it's quite possibly the most horrible expression of life but my roommate in second year used it a lot and it is apparently contagious and ever since I have been known to say it on especially deserving occasions. After saying it, I immediately realized that the people around me were possibly horrified and so I glanced around me quickly to make sure no one overheard. That's when I noticed the guy beside us glance over at us while laughing out loud. Once he noticed us notice him he tried really hard to not be laughing out loud and was focusing just a little too intently on his own laptop. He was trying so hard not to be laughing that his face was bright red and it looked as though he was holding his breath to prevent himself from laughing as evidenced by the fact that his face was turning purple.
This in turn made Sam and I crack up at the absurdity of our conversation. I have definitely been in that guy's shoes before. You can't help but overhear conversations sometimes, and the things you end up hearing can be ridiculous and hilarious and sometimes it catches you off guard and you can't help but laugh out loud.
For added awesomeness, you can catch the eye of another eavesdropper beside you also cracking up at the overheard conversation.
Perhaps I am being totally egotistical and his burst of laughter had nothing to do with us, but either way it made me smile and remember how awesome laughing at other people's conversations is.

#2: Turtles, Kittens and Most of All....Kittens Riding Turtles
There are about a million youtube videos of cats, and almost all of them are embarrassingly entertaining and not something you admit to watching. This one, which I noticed on facebook through a friend, isn't particularly funny but it made me excited for Earl to get bigger so I could get a kitten and replicate this. Either way it made me smile today which is why it gets to be re-posted here:

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