Thursday, September 30, 2010

Loving Life

I swore to myself that this year would be different, that I wouldn't take on nearly as many commitments and that I would have all this free time to relax and love life. Not only had I promised myself I would do this, but I had actually even convinced myself that I would follow through.

Yes, I have committed to less. I removed the 5 or more hours of volunteering I did every week last year. Unfortunately, that's about all I cut out. I still haven't quite managed to learn to say no (although I did pass up a couple volunteer opportunities that made my heart break a little when I deleted the e-mails without replying with a big giant PICK ME!!!) and I don't seem to have any of this elusive spare time that I keep hearing about. Instead I have just become more hardcore about the things that I left in my schedule.

The difference is, although my schedule is still just as busy and hectic, I am actually loving life this semester. I don't have any more spare time, but I have filled the potential spare time slots with things I love. I have finally gotten into a really great groove, that although it is proving to be pretty exhausting, is making me excited to wake up each morning to head to the pool, gym or class.

One thing in particular that I've been loving lately is The Nutrition Blog Network. The Nutrition Blog Network is a collection of blogs written by registered dietitians. The blogs are quite often about food or food related topics, but some of the blogs are about fitness or sometimes they are completely random. I scroll through the news feed of nearly updated blog posts several times a day, which is probably another reason I'm so busy all the time...procrastination. For anyone out there who has time to waste and an interest in anything food related, I recommend checking it out!

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