Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to The Grind

I've managed to survive my first week back at school and have even completely caught up from missing the first three days of classes.

I don't have classes on Tuesdays so my mom and Alex drove over to spend the day. We spent the day wandering around downtown Charlottetown shopping. We got the bridesmaid dresses fitted and they are currently getting tailored as we speak and will be ready in a few days. We also went on a Cows Creamery Tour! I've been wanting to go on the tour since last spring. It's closed in the winter though, and hadn't opened again before I left for the summer. The tour itself was nothing all that special. It's a way smaller scaled operation than I thought it would be. All the t-shirts and ice creams are made on site in Charlottetown and then shipped to each location across the country. There are way fewer locations than I thought. Something like 6 island wide and 3 more across the country. I think the fact that it's so small scale, while making the tour less impressive, was what I liked best. It definitely made it impossible to turn down an ice cream cone after the tour!

This week was also swim team try outs. Each practice contained a test set or dry-land testing to measure where we are now compared to where we will be (hopefully) by the end of the season. I only ended up swimming a couple of times because only one practice a day was scheduled for the week so I guess we're easing back into the pool. It actually ended up working well because I used the extra free time to read the millions of text book pages that were assigned. I am really looking forward to getting back into training for real next week. I've taken almost a year exactly off of training, which has felt like much longer. I can't believe how much I've missed training and paddling, so I'm super excited to get back into the routine of multiple training sessions a day. There are a lot of new rookies on the team this year which is awesome. We've always had a really small team, but we've almost doubled this year. It's a lot easier to drag your butt to the pool at 5:30am when you know that 20 of your friends will also be there. Last year most of our morning practices only had around 6 people show up, which wasn't very motivating.

T-Minus 2 days until the Terry Fox run across the confederation bridge. I don't feel like I'm even close to prepared to run it, but I'll be running it with my mom, my sister and my dad which is awesome. Although my mom and dad are both out on the east coast visiting, my crazy busy schedule, and the ridiculously high cost of driving across the bridge has prevented me from seeing them as much as I would have liked. It'll be great to get 12.8 km of quality time in with them this weekend though. The picture on the left makes the bridge look a lot longer than 12.8 km, and I won't lie...I'm a little worried about the entirely up-hill first half of the run.

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