Sunday, June 27, 2010

Safari Weekend

Our safari weekend is now over and we finished it up in style! We saw cheetah and 2 lions with 2 cubs, a herd of 11 giraffes and so much more! This weekend was wicked but I'm excited to head back into town to get back to work!

We stopped at the equator on the way here and saw a water demonstration. Depending on what side of the equator you're on, the water spins a different way. We watched first hand the water change direction as we walked 20 m away from the equator on each side. It was really cool! We also found a stray cat who appeared to be hungry and lactating so we gave her some left over milk we had from breakfast. He looked just like my mom's cat cooper so I couldn't resist.
I don't really have a ton to write about because we've been living the life of luxury all weekend on safari so here are some pictures of the last few days! By some I mean one because the internet is painfully slow and it's taking forever.

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