Saturday, June 5, 2010

Little Things

Work last night was a lot more exhausting then normal. It wasn't that it was overly busy, but the usual down time after the supper rush was MIA. I don't actually mind that because it makes the night go by a lot faster, and I got a lot of tables which was fabulous for tips. By the end of the night I was definitely ready to go home and was beginning to get a tad grumpy. It was one of those days where you stub your toe a million times, spill everything, drop everything you touch, trip over your own feet and randomly lose the ability to see and walk straight into walls. Basically a day of total spasticness. Needless to say I was getting pretty frustrated with myself. I think I still managed to stay cheery with customers though! Near the end of the night, I was clearing a table that had sat a family of 5 with 3 little kids and found a coloring book page all nicely colored. It said "To waitress, Have a great night." It actually made my day and instantly got me out of my borderline grumpy funk. It's currently hanging on my fridge in the kitchen and makes me smile every time I walk by. Gotta love the little unexpected things that make your day.

All of our usual customers come in on Friday nights and Saturday nights, and I chat with them every week and know some of them fairly well. For example on gentleman grew up n the same street in Sackville that my sister lived on last year, and another woman grew up in Fergus, Ontario and has grown to despise the Fergus Highland Games because she had to work it every year as a teenager. Not only have I gotten to know the customers, but all of our pizzas are delivered through a company, so the same drivers are always coming in and out to take deliveries for us. Last night a couple of the regulars and a couple of the drivers came in to wish me good luck on my trip and say goodbye. It was surprising but so nice that they remembered that this was my last weekend at work until September. I actually even got half serenaded by one guy after I told him I'd see him in September upon handing him his order. After some youtube searching I managed to find the song:

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