Friday, June 18, 2010

Jambo Jambo from Kenya!

I am sitting in my gorgeous hotel room in Nairobi at this very moment. Basically giddy from excitement and lack of sleep. It's currently 12:34 am on Saturday morning (5:37pm Toronto time) and I have been on planes and in airports since 11am Thursday. The trip here went pretty well, except that the Brussels airport is completely useless. It stinks, it's disorganized and generally portrays a feeling of chaos. It didn't help that by the time we got there we were 24 hours into our travel already, we stunk, we were tired and we were hungry. We then had a 2 hour delay and sat in the plane on the runway before take-off. I guess you kind of have to expect delays and lines and chaos when traveling to the other side of the world though.

We're staying for the next two nights at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi. It is absolutely stellar! It looks gorgeous and we get internet which is also awesome! There's a pool and breakfast and hot running water and electricity. Can't as for much more than that!

I'm heading down the hall for a few celebratory drinks with the team to kick off the trip but I'll be posting as regularly as possible! I'll definitely post again this weekend so check back! I'm also hoping to have pictures uploaded from the trip so far!

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