Sunday, January 16, 2011

Water Tanks and Chefs

This afternoon I road tripped to Souris with Tuck and Jen to give a presentation to the committee of the Souris Village Feast about our adventures in Kenya. The Village Feast raises money every year to build cookhouses in Kenya, and all of the new cookhouses at the schools we worked with last summer were built with funds raised at the Feast. They work closely with Farmers Helping Farmers so we were invited to speak to them about the impact of the cookhouses on the school lunch programs.

The presentation went well! At the end of each presentation we always talk about our Apron Project and we brought the aprons with us incase anyone wanted to buy one. We only had about 25 of the 96 left, but we wanted to get them sold so we can donate the money to Farmers Helping Farmers asap. A Farmers Helping Farmers crew is heading to Kenya this coming Thursday to purchase water tanks based on the funds raised during the Christmas campagne, so we were planning on just writing the check and spending our own money until we could reimburse ourselves by selling the remaining aprons.

Before we could even finish explaining the project, one of the committee members just says "we'll buy them all". I wasn't expecting that!! So the Village Feast Team has purchased the remaining 25 aprons to give to donors and to sell at next summer's village feast!

So after our presentation we presented Farmers Helping Farmers with a cheque for $ 1420 dollars, which will buy 5 water tanks for the new members of the Muchui Women's Group!!

As we were wrapping up our presentation, who just strolls into the room apologizing for being later? No other than Michael Smith! I knew he helped out with the Souris Feast but I didn't realize he was on the committee. Of course Jen decides it's necessary to inform him that I won his Scholarship this year, so he congratulated me and I thanked him and blah blah blah and then the photographer decided that we needed to take tons of pictures together. Not that I'm not happy to have pictures of me and the Chef, and it was great being introduced to him and having him be interested in the work we did and asking us lots of questions, but I felt like a lame super fan. I know he gets it a lot but I'm sure he gets sick of it.

All in all a pretty stellar day! Pictures will follow soon I hope!

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