Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Search of Regan

The other day at work, a customer handed me a Blackberry she had found in the parking lot outside the restaurant. Assuming that a) it being outside the restaurant meant that it was our customer who lost it b) whoever lost it would realize exactly where they lost it and come back and look for it and that c) I was trust worthy enough to hand over a blackberry to without me decided that I wanted a blackberry to replace my crappy LG that has a mind of it's own and turns off whenever it wants. Anyways, the only assumption that was in fact correct was c) because no one came to find the lost phone and the phone happened to be locked to I couldn't even figure out who owned it.

I took it home and did some hard core sleuthing. I mean, Inspector Gadget would be extremely proud. First, please note that I know nothing about blackberry's at all, having never owned one or even really used one (except for the one time I tried to text on Alex's and failed epically). There was probably a way to figure it out easily, but not knowing it I had to get creative to figure it out.

First I took the sim card out and put it in my phone in hopes that it was the phone that was locked and not the sim card, which was correct. However, there were limited contacts saved onto the sim card and none of them were "home" or "mom" or anything that indicated that the phone owner might be tight with one of them. There were only two hints. Two names in the phone were simply nicknames instead of the full first and last name. My options were "skeet" or "Hudsie". I opted for Hudsie and sent him a text indicating that I had this dudes phone and wondering how to get ahold of him. After 5 or 6 text messages with the mysterious Hudsie, the owner dude, who is apparently called Regan, called me on my phone and we arranged to meet on campus to return the phone.

Ok so maybe it didn't involve a tone of sleuthing, and if I had known how to work a blackberry then it probably would have taken me one day instead of three to track this dude down. I did, however, feel that I at least deserve a trench coat and glasses with a moustache attached.

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