Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nails, Movies and Books

3 chick flicks and self-manicured greige nails later I think I'm finally getting the hang of this "recovery" thing. I thought I would go crazy, but I am actually really appreciating this forced time off. I never realized how great having free time was, and how great it is to be able to see an end to my to do list!

I finally finished my book (not a school related book either!) and bought my very first ebook for my new ereader (thanks santa!). I tested out at the gym by reading a Sherlock Holmes short story and am still trying to figure out exactly how to use it properly. I've been reading the manual to figure out all the ins and outs so that I can take advantage of the fancy features and know what buttons to press etc to make reading from it easier. I was originally hesitant about the whole ereader thing, there is something about having a book in your hand and flipping pages and wandering around a book store for hours picking one out that makes the whole book reading process that much better. I'll probably still go to actual book stores to peruse the ailes and pick out a book, but I'll come home and buy it online instead. After reading about 15 books in Kenya, and lugging the books across the planet and back, I'm excited to be able to load up my ereader with 15+ books before I go and not have to worry about fitting books in my suitcase.

Anyways, the moral of this story is that I think I might actually be capable of being a normal human being who exercises and is active but doesn't train. I think I might actually be capable of not feeling guilty if I don't go to the gym or for a swim or for a run at least once a day. I think I might actually learn how to not be doing something at every moment of every day. It might still take some time to get used to, but I'm excited that I've finally figured out that it's possible. I'm hoping to spend the year trying tons of new things (classes, sports, hobbies, etc) that I never had time to try before! First on my list is a cake decorating course taught by one of the girls in my program every week. The next session starts in a couple of weeks and is all about gum-paste!

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