Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halifax Road Trip

Last weekend, Alex and I drove to Halifax to meet up with Mom who was there for some bank stuff. I had to work until 11:30pm on Friday night so I left Charlottetown at 5:30am on Saturday morning, swung through Sackville to pick up Alex and then headed off to Halifax in the Mary Kay. I wasn't supposed to leave until just after 6am but I woke up early and was to excited. I've been really lucky this semester and have gotten to see my family way more than I normally do all semester combined. It's been awesome!

We planned to stop off at Masstown Market on the way through Truro but since I was a little early picking up Alex, we got there before it opened and decided it wasn't worth waiting the hour until it opened. We ended up getting to Halifax just after 10 am which was perfect because it gave us the whole day to shop! And that's exactly what we did. We shopped and shopped and shopped. Took a break to get manicures, pedicures and lunch, and then finally headed back to the hotel, biceps aching from carrying around so many shopping bags all day. I'm not going to lie. Alex and I are spoiled rotten! Neither of us has any actually places to shop in the cities we live so getting a chance to shop in Halifax was kind of a big deal, and likely the only shopping we'll do between now and Christmas.

We headed down to the water front to Salty's for dinner. It was delicious! I had maple and butternut squash soup with a shared order of garlic bread bruschetta as an app, chili rubbed salmon for dinner and we split blueberry grunt for dessert. Yummmmm....

Alex had to work on Sunday so we left at 7am to head home. A short trip but it was well worth it! I got back to the island just on time to go for breakfast with Jess and Sam. We normally go to Linda's every Sunday for good ol' cheap, greasy spoon bacon eggs and toast which is always delish. This week, we decided to check out Rufus and Rory's, a new 50s diner downtown. I had eaten already so I just got some java and a strawberry milkshake (breakfast of champions obviously!). The milkshake wasn't the greatest and I probably wouldn't order one again. It was good, but not what I was expecting. To be fair, I had been warned by Age who is working there, but for some reason I was still expecting an old school shake made with vanilla ice cream, milk and real strawberries versus the strawberry syrup / strawberry ice cream variety. I would be willing to try the actually food there, but I am looking forward to going back to Linda's next week.

Sunday in Charlottetown was nuts! It was the annual PEI Marathon so University Avenue was closed from campus all the way downtown. There were people everywhere; cheering, running, and wrapped in foil blankets. Rufus and Rory's was right in front of the finish line so it was cool to be able to see people finishing. It was windy and raining, so I have to give mad props to those that ran.

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