Thursday, January 19, 2012

Undeniably Unlucky

I think I was living in denial about the unseasonably warm temperatures.  We were enjoying next to perfect winter conditions; cold enough to keep everything frozen, it was sunny and around -15 which was perfect for doing outside activities and also cold enough to use as an excuse for staying inside and wasting a day watching bad made for tv chick flicks on ‘Slice’ and “W Network”.  Well I definitely got a rude awakening this weekend when the temperatures finally dropped to typical Hay River winter ranges.  The norm for this time of year is around -30C before the wind chill and around -40C with the wind chill. I’m definitely not in Mississauga anymore. 

Sunday was the first really cold day, and I only ventured out of my apartment to walk the 100m to the pool and the library for a few hours. I seem to have lost internet connection in my apartment which is a huge bummer.  The wireless network still exists but every time I try to log on it says “connection timeout”.  I am planning on calling the office to get it fixed (the office is closed on weekends) but technically internet isn’t included in my rent and I don’t want them to deny me access so I’ve been waiting it out in hopes that a hotel guest complains and they straighten it out without my intervention.  It quit on Friday and it didn’t resolve itself yet so I think I will have to call the office tonight after work and just be oblivious to the fact that I shouldn’t actually be using the internet anyways.  The ladies at the desk probably won’t even know I’m not supposed to have access…or so I hope.   I guess frequenting the library to use the internet isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It’ll force me to leave my apartment more often and the hours are pretty decent.  Plus I’ll know all the cool stuff going on around town since it’s all advertised through the library. Although it is awfully inconvenient!  I’ve been using more data on my phone since I don’t have internet on my lap top and I really don’t want to be paying million dollar phone bills so I have to be careful.  It also means I won’t be able to post blogs whenever I want aka as often.

I mentioned before that I was borrowing a friend’s car for the next two weeks so that I have a vehicle while Geoff is here visiting.  I drove it out to the ski club on Saturday for a snowshoe / lunch date with Stacey and it was running perfectly.  I plugged it in Saturday night and was planning on driving it to work this morning.  I went out about 10 minutes before I was going to leave to start it and let it warm up but when I went back out to leave, I realized I had locked the keys in the car, with the car running…or so I thought.  I walked to work, borrowed a public health vehicle to pick up a spare set of keys from the vehicle owner and then got dropped off at the car to bring it to work.  Of course the car was no longer running and my ride had driving away already.  I hopped in the car and the car wouldn’t start and I couldn’t get the key out of the ignition.  It was stuck.  The radio would come on, but the car wouldn’t turn over.  I went into the office to ask if any of them had any advice for getting a car to start and they didn’t but my landlord said her son was coming by shortly and could maybe help.  In the meantime I’m already 30 minutes late for work so I call the office and Jordan comes to get me.  We ended up boosting the car and leaving it running all morning at work and I’m going to go pick it up this afternoon over lunch. There are several lessons of the day: 1) I am hopeless with cars, 2) cars don’t like -33C weather anymore than I do.  Actually I just glanced out my window and I’d say 80% of the vehicles in the parking lot are running right now.  I feel bad for the environment with all these cars running all day!  I also can’t help but think that if I was still at home and had my car running, with the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked, it would only last about 30 minutes before someone stole it.  With my luck this car will end up getting stolen. Sigh…I should never be allowed to own a vehicle, I have such bad luck with them.  Ok ok, I admit, my bad luck with cars is probably completely self-inflicted.

I managed to get back to work around the same time my first client was arriving for his appointment so just in the nick of time! A bit of a frazzled way to start a Monday morning but as always, it will all work out one way or another.  Better this happens now than on Wednesday evening when I’m due to pick up Geoff from the airport!

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