Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snowshoe Selfies

This week has been really busy but uneventful at the same time if that's possible.  Work was slow and boring but evenings were full of fun activities!  Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's nice to have stuff to do after work.  Since I'm off at 4 o'clock everyday, evenings can feel really long with nothing planned.

Monday: Flew back to Hay River and unpacked / settled in
Tuesday: Back to work, quandrantids fail
Wednesday: Impromptu wing night with ladies from the hospital, some of which I hadn't met yet which was nice.
Thursday: Movie night!  Went to see The Sitter, which I don't recommend you waste money on seeing in the theatres. It was entertaining enough and had a few funny parts but nothing I would go out of my way to watch again.
Saturday: Morning Ski and a mini ski lesson from Bob, evening ski and board games with the gang.
Sunday: Broke in my new snow shoes that Santa brought me on the Hay River. You can't really tell but they're even purple.

It was a great first week back! Nice to get back into the groove of things with lots of fun winter activities. Winter is quickly becoming my favorite season.  I like bundling up to go out and coming home to hot comfort food like soups and stews and you always have an excuse for staying indoors curled up with a good book.  I never really enjoyed winter before.  In PEI winter means rain one day, snow the next and a lot of gross windy and slushy treks to school.  Even at home the dampness of winter chills you to the bone and a morning ski means you're freezing cold all day even after a hot shower and a mug of hot chocolate. Since it's dryer here, there is no bone chilling cold, even at -40C.  To be fair it has been a really warm winter this year, so I've been spoiled and have yet to experience the really cold winter temperatures that are normal here.

Either way I'm not complaining!  I had a lovely (but slightly lonely) snow shoe out on the river this afternoon!  There were a ton of skidooers out and I was a bit nervous I would get run over but I made it back in one piece!

The Hay River with Skidoo and Snowshoe Tracks

Nothing like a good selfie!
Now I'm spending the evening with some my knitting and Game of Thrones.  I am completely aware this makes me super lame and very much like a 90 year old lady but come Christmas 2012 when all my gifts are completed home-made master pieces you'll all be jealous of my granny-ish ways.

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