Wednesday, July 31, 2013

School's Out for Summer

I am officially finished my stats course! Whoop whoop!

I happen to loath numbers.  Figuring them all out makes me grumpy.  With the exception of simple math like tube feed calculations, energy, fat, protein requirements and other various work related equations, I avoid doing math whenever possible.  That’s likely the reason I did so poorly in stats the first time I took the course in University.  I should have known better.  Of course I would need a decent stats grade to get into a Master’s program.  Of course I’d have to take the course again to get a decent mark before starting my Masters.  But hindsight is 20/20 I suppose!

I actually enjoyed this stats course!  I never thought I’d think those words ever.  This course was designed specifically for health care professionals, and the content dealt with creating surveys and comparing results to determine if intervention outcomes were statistically significant.  Which was perfect because that’s essentially what I do.  As a community RD, I design programs with the goal of creating positive outcomes and behaviour change in my clients / the community.  And now I have a way of measuring outcomes and determining if my programs need a little work or if they’ve been successful.  This is the first time I’ve actually been excited about math!  I love when things are useful.  For the first time, a course took the mathematical skills required to pass and made them relatable and practical and applicable to my everyday life.  University of Victoria HLTH425 for the win!

The best part?  All the numbers were crunched using a fancy computer program so I didn’t need to multiply, add or crunch numbers during the course!  The only downfall was that the computer program was only compatible on a PC and I only own a Mac Book.  Luckily work has a PC lap top that I was able to use and bring home whenever I needed to do homework.  Minor detail.  The course doesn’t end for another 2 weeks but since I’m leaving tomorrow for Canada Games and can’t bring the lap top with me, I had to finish it all early this week.  Not the most eventful weekend but luckily the weather cooperated and rained all day Saturday while I got it done.  And now I’ve got a month of summer left to enjoy without assignments!

The rest of the weekend was spent puttering around the house.  The house we’re renting is for sale so I’m trying to keep it immaculately clean at all times so that I don’t have to mad rush and clean when people want to come view it.  Which admittedly isn’t very difficult when you’re either home alone with the dog or have only 2 adults and a dog living in the house.  Plus I’ve developed a dislike for ‘stuff’ so we don’t have a lot of it.  I’m guessing, at some point in the moving every year since starting University and 3 times since moving to NWT, that my dislike for stuff is a result of my dislike for having to move stuff.

I also got in a nice 10 km run on Saturday morning.  Our Run Club numbers have seriously dwindled.  Most people are on vacation, or went on vacation a month ago and fell off the wagon.  Only 2 of us showed up on Saturday.  It was extra disappointed because it was the last run on the training program.  Sarah and I ran 10 km, which was a personal distance record for her! High Five!  I'm going to just assume for now that everyone else continued running but that Saturday mornings just didn't work for them.

Now that's school's done for the next few weeks, hopefully I'll have time to update this blog more often.  I'm hoping to have lots of fun stuff coming up from Canada Games in Sherbrooke,


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