Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Ski of the Season!

Before I moved up here I had googled the town to figure out what facilities they have here in terms of sports or clubs that I could join once I got here.  I saw that there was a nordic ski and biathelon club and have been wanting to make it out there since I arrived.  It's only 15km from town but I don't have a car so it's been tough to get out there.  One of the nurses at the hospital hooked me up with a couple who are on the ski exec and they took me out to the club on Saturday.  I even got a 40 minute or so lesson before we headed out for our ski which was much appreciated since I'm not exactly a super star and haven't really done a ton of skate skiing before. Our actual ski ended up being primarily social.  They have some bird feeders set up about 20 minutes from the club that they wanted to refill and one of the other members of the club was out with his super hard ore camera gear and wanted to tag along.  His gear was heavy so we ended up pulling it in one of those baby buggies.  I posted one of his pictures in this post. When we got out to the feeders there were boreal chickadees everywhere!  Before we filled the feeders we put peanuts in our hands and they came and ate right out of our hands! Other notable parts about the ski included seeing a bear scratch tree, lynx and wolf tracks.  Skiing with these guys was awesome because I was constantly being coached by Bob while Adam and Sue knew the names of every type of bird and tree we saw and pointed out a lot of cool stuff I wouldn't have noticed before like the animal tracks.  I also got introduced to a bunch of other club members who I can hopefully hitch rides with!

Boreal Chickadee

Trail Map
The club is awesome.  It's small and run completely by volunteers.  Members have the password and can come and go as they please.  The club is completely stocked with tons of snowshoes and ski wax that are free for members to use.  The majority of the trails are all lit at night so you can ski whenever you want.  There's a little kitchen thats stocked with coffee and tea and a couch and fire place making the clubhouse definitely somewhere you could hang out all day with intermittent ski loops and snowshoe trails. I really wish I had a car, I'd be out there all the time, it's gorgeous out there!  The best part is membership is only 55$ a year!  It costs that much just to go for one ski at home if you're renting gear for the day.

Ski Club
I didn't really take a ton of pictures (I had my phone on me) but I'm hoping to make it back to the ski club on a very regular basis between now and the end of April.  I hear the snow doesn't melt until May so it'll be an extra long ski season!

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