Friday, December 16, 2011

Candy Shrapnel

Happy Friday!

Today was pretty uneventful.  I only had 1 client come in to see me this morning and the office was dead quiet all day.  After aerobics I went to the grocery store and stumbled upon this on my way home:

It's hard to tell but it was the Hay River Santa Clause Parade!  There was a big to-do in the paper about it several weeks ago when I first arrived because the city had decided not to have a parade this year to the dismay of the residents. All of the local businesses got together to make it happen though.  I ended up having to wait on the side of the road for about 20 minutes while the parade went by before I could cross with my bag of groceries to get home.  I didn't mind though because otherwise I wouldn't have seen the parade at all!  Plus it was cold enough out to keep my groceries frozen.  My favorite part of the parade was all the little kids handing out candy from the floats.  It consisted of them hurling handfuls of candies at the crowd. Literally pelting the crowd with Hershey Kisses and little mints and caramels.  I'm fairly confident that there will be candy on the road for at least another month.  Actually, if you look in the bottom left hand corner of the above picture you can see shiny silver specks which are candies all over the road. This was the scene for the entire 2 km parade route. I managed to catch a few to nibble on while the parade went by but most of the candy hurled at me bounced off my head and rolled under the cars parked on the street.  The ravens will have a feast tomorrow with the left over candy!

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