Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm a Twit

I mentioned a few posts ago that I recently joined the twitterverse and am now a twit that tweets quite frequently. I had to admit, I never really had any interest or intentions of joining twitter, and I still am not positive what exactly lead me to join. I've narrowed it down to a) Procrastination b) Curiosity or c) Because a blog told me so. I'm thinking that perhaps it was a combination of all three? Who knows, but either way I am actually surprised at how much I am LOVING twitter!

I don't have very many people I know on twitter and not very many people follow me yet so I am much more open to tweeting random things without feeling judged. I think I have this sense that no one is actually paying attention to my tweets. It's almost as if I'm standing in a super crowded, noisy room yelling my thoughts at the top of my lungs but no one can hear me...almost like in It's a Wonderful Life when George realizes that he's not technically alive anymore so no one can hear or see him. It's annoying when people change their Facebook status every 5 minutes, but it's perfectly acceptable to tweet that often.

There are so many cool people and organizations and companies who use twitter and post links to articles and blogs and pictures and research papers. I am being exposed to soo many cool papers and things to read and am learning so many super cool and interesting things through twitter. I love that I can pick and choose who I follow and follow people or organizations that relate directly to my own interests. Most of the people/organizations I follow are food or environment related, specifically related to food politics, sustainable agriculture, health, fitness and of course some random celebrities (gotta know what my boy Justin Bieber is up to!)

I read a lot of blogs. Again I'm not sure why, but it's just what I do. I can follow my favorite bloggers and they tweet when they post a new blog post so that I don't have to keep a list of links to all the blogs in my stickies. I realize there is probably a much more efficient way to keep track of my blogs than as a list of links on an electronic sticky note but that's just how I roll, and being updated via twitter instead is a way better system.

I have already read a ton of interesting things that I would love to blog about. As soon as exams are over I'll actually have time to comment on the super awesome things I'm learning! So stay tuned for some interesting topics in the near future!

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