Friday, August 16, 2013

Home Again, Home Again (jiggity jig)

The one downfall to vacations (even quasi working vacations like Canada Games) is the pile up of stuff that’s waiting for you at home to get done. 

The last few days in Sherbrooke were awesome.  I got to watch the finals for men’s and women’s volleyball, I met up with a long lost friend from University, saw an old paddling coach for about 5 minutes while I was getting on the bus and Team Ontario was getting off, and got to soak in the energy of the games as the new athletes arrived at the Athlete’s Village.  All in all it was an incredible experience, and I’m definitely hoping to have more opportunities to be involved with team NWT. Ideally in a dietetics related role but who knows what may happen down the road!

I got back to Hay River on Sunday evening and within 12 hours we were packed into the car for the 12 hour drive to Edmonton.  We finally got to pick up our puppy!  We’ve been waiting for him for about a year.  We had been in contact with this particular breeder last summer but she didn’t have any pups left at that time and put us on the waiting list.  She let us know they were having another litter in the early spring and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to bring him home ever since.

I was a little bit nervous about getting a puppy!  I’ve never had a pup before so my only experience with dogs is the year we’ve had Luna live with us. She was already almost 3 years old though, and already well trained. It took her a bit to warm up to me but I like to think we’re best buds now.  She’s so entertaining and makes me laugh every day.  Plus it’s been nice having her around the house to keep me company when Chris is up at the mine. She doesn’t exactly love other dogs, and only really gets along with a select few.  She’s a little too sassy for her own good sometimes, which made me hesitant to bring another puppy into the house.  She’s little and runs around the yard like crazy all day.  Now she’ll have a big dog to go on backyard adventures with!  She’s still a little grumpy with the new addition but is slowly warming up to the new pup. They even played tug of war together a few times! It’s going to be a slow process but I’m hoping and wishing that they’re going to be best friends eventually.

The new puppy is a White German Shepherd named Maverick!  He is pretty awesome, but challenging!  He sleeps most of the day right now, he hates his crate and cries whenever he’s in it, and he is a little bit whiny and clingy.  We’ve only had him 3 days though and are still establishing a routine.  He’s slowly getting more courageous and wondering further from me in the yard, and has started trying to keep up with Luna as she sky rockets around the yard chasing mice and birds and squirrels.  He normally runs about 10 feet before giving up since he’s so much clumsier and slower than she is right now.

I’m slowly turning into a crazy dog lady! I apologize in advance for the copious amount of pictures of the dogs that will likely appear and the number of times I mention them in each post.

First trip to the beach...tired him out!
This month is crazy busy!  I had Canada Games, then the new pup and next week I’m headed to Seattle for 3 days to meet up with Sambo, my bff who I haven’t seen since I graduated University, which embarrassingly is like over 2 years ago! And then I’m off to Victoria for a week for Orientation for my MPH and to see my Aunt and Uncle. And then, when I get back, we’re moving into a new house.  As excited as I am for the upcoming adventures, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to be a little bit excited for September to come and to be staying in Hay River for more than a week at a time.

Happy Weekend Everyone!  
My plans are to pack up as much of the house as possible, teach Maverick to love his crate and to stay and to get a solid run in with a friend.  Fingers crossed that iced coffees, a good book and some beach time fit in there too.  Oh and as always, take the time to stop and smell the flowers!

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